Client Requests & Consultations

How to connect with matched prospective clients and explore potential engagements.

Reviewing Matched Client Requests

If a client is interested in engaging you for a project after they review your profile and/or proposal details, you will be notified by email to log in to your Priori account.

Be sure to add and to your email whitelist to ensure potential client requests don't go to to your spam.

Once logged in, you can view the project information in more detail and begin to determine whether an engagement would be suitable for both you and the client. Each new client inquiry will appear as a card on your account dashboard.

For custom opportunities, you can also review the status of each of your submissions from the dashboard.

Want more detail on the current status of a request? Feel free to send an email to the Network team ( and we'll do our best to provide you with more context.

Connecting with Clients & Scheduling Calls

After a client has reached out to schedule a call you have two primary options to calendar the call. Both can be found on the request page:

  1. You can review proposed call times and confirm an initial consultation with the client to discuss their matter in more detail; or

  2. You can message the client through our platform to clarify the scope of their project or otherwise discuss preliminary issues.

In most instances, clients are eager to go ahead and speak with you via audio or video call. For your convenience, the Priori Marketplace platform has free, built-in conferencing and scheduling features to help you connect with potential clients.

Alternative Call Platforms. If you would prefer to use another call platform to connect with the client (e.g. your own Zoom, Teams, WebEx or other method), you are welcome to message the client to coordinate that call.

To use our conferencing system, you can press the red button labeled "Confirm Call" on the client request page to select from times proposed by the client for the initial consultation – or, if none of those times work for you, to propose alternative times to meet.

Twilio Call Settings. Priori uses a plugin from Twilio to support our audio and video call features, which may not be compatible with all web browsers or system settings.

To test your settings, please visit If your system fails any of Twilio’s tests, please use the "Message Client" button to arrange a call outside of the Priori platform.

Once you confirm a call time, our platform will send you a calendar invite by email with dial-in details for the call. The dial-in details will also be available on your Priori account dashboard under "Scheduled Appointments".

Receiving Calendar Invites. The calendar invites are sent by email from If you do not receive an email invite please check your junk folder or email for support.

Declining Client Requests

If you can immediately determine that a project is not the right fit for your practice, or you're unable to take on the project for any other reason, you are always free to decline the project request using the white button on the project request page.

Determining Project Fit. Not sure if a client's project is right for your practice after reviewing the project description?

If a client reaches out to you for a consultation, that means that, after reviewing your profile and your indicative hourly rate (or custom bid), they believe you may be the right provider for their need. While it's possible that they've reached out to you in error, it's also possible that they have more information about the project than they've included in their request.

Before declining a project based only on the written description or the client's budget, we encourage you to message the client for more information - they may be able to share additional details, or more clearly articulate the scope of their project.

Similarly, exchanging messages or even scheduling an initial call provides you a chance to educate the client on whether their project is an appropriate fit for your practice or how their proposed budget aligns with market standards.

If you decline a project, we will be notified of your decision and the client may move on to contact other providers.

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