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How to use Priori Marketplace to identify opportunities for your associates, partners, and counsel, manage your firm's engagements, and expand your firm's reach.

Once one attorney from a firm joins the Priori Marketplace Attorney Network and is fully onboarded, we make it easy for you to expand your firm's presence on the platform.

Managing additional firm users

Currently, Marketplace supports three firm profile types:

  • Attorneys - who can open projects, engage clients, and submit custom bids for open opportunities;

  • Paralegals - who can support attorney projects and bill time; and

  • Firm Administrators - who can update attorney profiles, upload invoices, and help manage firm users.

The rest of this guide section explains how to add new users and manage existing users.

Inviting new users:

To add a new firm user, you can navigate to the My Firm page in your profile settings and use the Add New Firm User button in the top-right corner of the screen.

After clicking the button, you will be asked to provide information about the firm user, including which type of profile they are, their contact information, and title.

Once you click "Add User", the person you invite will receive an email directing them to confirm their account and set up their profile.

The invitation email will come from; we advise that you have your colleagues whitelist this address before inviting them to your organization.

Once your colleague hits "Complete Registration and join firm", they will be asked to confirm their account type. It may be helpful to explain the three profile types above.

Firm lawyers and firm administrators can review all of the invited users and also invite additional users from the "Lawyers" tab on the "My Firm" page.

Removing users or merging existing users

If an attorney or other firm user leaves your firm, and/or you would no longer like a particular user to be affiliated with your firm's Priori profile, we are happy to assist. Please contact and we can sever and/or delete their profile.

Similarly, if your firm hires an attorney who already has a profile on the Priori Marketplace Network, we can add that attorney to your firm's profile as well.

Profiles for invited attorneys

When an attorney is invited to join your firm and registers their account, their profile needs to be set-up with profile data and matching information. But, because firm attorneys join the platform without going through the full application or onboarding with a member of our Network team, their profiles do not begin with any pre-populated profile data or matching information.

If an invited attorney does not add any information to their profile, they cannot be matched with a client. Accordingly, every newly-invited firm attorney should be encouraged to provide the following to make sure their profile is in a useable state:

All of the advice listed in Optimizing Your Profile holds true here as well. The more high-quality data we have regarding your colleagues' skills and interests, the more likely it is that their profile may match with a client request.

Updating attorney information as a firm administrator

While your firm attorneys are welcome to add that information themselves, firm profiles have one unique advantage over other profile types: firm administrators can update profile information and availability on behalf of firm attorneys after initial profile registration is complete.

To update lawyer information as a firm administrator, you can navigate to the "Lawyers" tab from the Firm Profile page. From there, each attorney who has completed their initial account registration will have a button with three dots at the far right of their information.

Clicking that box will allow firm administrators to adjust each of the three main sources of data for that attorney - their profile, their matching information, and their availability.

Building a firm profile

As you add users and build out your firm's presence on Marketplace, certain aspects of your firm's profile will automatically update to reflect your user data. Other areas will need to be manually update by your firm's users.

A example (fictitious), firm profile, identifying each of the data fields that can be adjusted to reflect your firm's experiences and overall capabilities, is below.

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