Getting Work

How our matching engine rapidly connects attorneys and clients to explore prospective engagements

How do I get work through Priori?

There are two ways (or "Streams") to connect with work on the Priori platform:
Stream 1. Data-matched RFP Fulfillment
For clients who submit requests on our platform using our RFP Builder for discrete or ad hoc engagements, our proprietary matching process is used to curate and send the client a proposal listing the best-suited matches for them to consider and connect with. The client then reviews their suggested profiles and contacts their preferred providers to discuss the proposed engagement.
Infographic titled 'From RFP to Engagement', depicting the steps in the standard lifecycle of a Priori engagement as a clockwise cycle. A detailed description of this lifecycle is listed in the caption below.
The standard lifecycle of a Priori engagement: (1) The client submits an RFP (request for proposals); (2) Our data-driven matching process extracts data from the RFP and looks for corresponding data points across attorney profiles; (3) The client receives a custom shortlist of best-fit attorneys; (4 & 5) Attorneys and clients can connect, meet, and engage; (6) The selected attorney memorializes project details in a formal proposal, and; (7) The engaged attorney is hired by the client and can begin billing through the platform.
If a client is interested in your services, you will be notified by email and can log in to your Priori account to schedule an introductory call and/or to message the client about the prospective engagement. If you and the client decide that the engagement will be mutually beneficial, you can then submit a formal proposal via the platform, which the client can use to open a project page on the site.
Stream 2. Bidding and curated response RFP fulfillment
To accurately meet clients' needs, some RFPs require additional, bespoke submissions from interested attorneys. This most frequently occurs where the client would like to engage an attorney for a high volume of hours or a longer period of dedicated time, and wishes to:
  1. 1.
    Confirm attorney availability and interest;
  2. 2.
    Gain additional insight into particular aspects of each attorney's professional history; and/or
  3. 3.
    Receive a customized hourly rate accounting for the increased total volume of work.
In these instances, the process outlined in Stream 1, above, gains two additional steps.
Instead of jumping straight from data analysis (2) to the custom shortlist (3), matched attorneys are first invited to submit additional information in a preliminary proposal including additional information about their expertise to supplement their profiles and, where relevant, provide custom pricing.
This information is then joined with the information in the attorneys' profile for that particular client request, and the best-fit attorneys are then sent along to the client for consideration.
The Opportunities Newsletter. If you're not invited to apply for a particular opportunity, fear not. Each week on Monday and Thursday we send an additional curated list of open potential engagements to the members of our legal network. You can review that list and apply for any relevant opportunities via the link in the email or on our opportunities page.
The following video shows how the RFP Builder works for Priori clients submitting RFPs on our platform: