Getting Work

How do I get work through Priori?

There are two streams of work on the Priori platform:
Stream 1. Proposal requests straight to your inbox.
For clients who submit RFPs on our platform using our RFP Builder, we send the client a proposal listing the best-suited matches for them to consider and connect with. The client then reviews their suggested profiles and contacts their preferred providers to discuss the proposed engagement.
If a client is interested in your services, you will be notified by email and can log in to your Priori account to schedule an introductory call or to message the client about the prospective engagement. Each new client inquiry will appear as a card on your account dashboard.
Stream 2. Priori weekly opportunities emails.
Each week on Monday and Thursday we send an additional curated list of open potential engagements to the members of our legal network. You can review that list and apply for any relevant opportunities via the link in the email or on our opportunities page.
Clients will review your application and contact you if they would like to interview you for the prospective engagement.
The following video shows how the RFP Builder works for Priori clients submitting RFPs on our platform:
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