How do I start a project?

If you connect with a prospective client on our platform and they would like to move forward with the engagement, the next step is for you to send the client a formal proposal for them to consider and accept or decline.
You can build and send a formal proposal by viewing the relevant client request on your account dashboard, selecting the "Build Proposal" option and filling out the information on each tab of the proposal builder (see video below).

Preparing a formal proposal

A few notes that may be helpful in sending the formal proposal:
Project Description. You can update the project description on tab 1 of the Formal Proposal to reflect the arrangement you discussed with the client. For volume projects, please ensure the project description references any guaranteed hours required for the engagement (e.g. 30 hours per week).
Engagement Letter. You have the option of uploading an engagement letter that attaches to your formal proposal and that the client can view and e-sign on our platform. Alternatively, you can send you the engagement letter by Message or directly by email, whichever is preferable for you and the client.
We don't have a standard version engagement letter because they vary so much between attorneys, but some sample language that we have seen attorneys use to reflect the project being on the Priori platform is as follows:
Billing and invoicing will be via the Priori platform per Priori’s account with Client. The rate for legal services provided by Attorney comprises Attorney's hourly rate of $XXX/hour plus the administrative or management fee charged by Priori to Client for Client’s use of Priori's platform and services ($YYY/hour in total ("Rate")).
[Additional text for volume projects with guaranteed hours] The minimum amount paid by Client in connection with legal services provided by Attorney, other than any disbursements, shall be $XXXX/week (40 hours billed at the Rate) ("Minimum Amount"). Any additional hours over 40 hours per week will be billed at the Rate. Client shall pay a prorated Minimum Amount for any partial period (month or week) during the term of the engagement. For any applicable period (month or week) during the term, the Minimum Amount shall be reduced by the number of hours of any Client office closures and any sick, vacation or other leave taken by the Attorney in that period.
Rates. For the rate on tab 2 of the Formal Proposal, please select "Add New Rate" and enter $XXX/hr as your rate. The system will then calculate the $YYY total payable by the client.
Video. Prepare & Send Formal Proposal to Client

Open project

Once you have sent the proposal, the client will be notified and can view the proposal on their Priori account.

Screenshot. Client-side view of Formal Proposal (including Engagement Letter)

If the client accepts the proposal, you will be notified by email and provided with the client’s contact information to connect and start work.
From there, you and the client can work together directly to complete the project and you will use your Priori account to send invoices during the engagement. Each new open project will also appear as a card on your account dashboard.

What if a client wants to re-hire me for a new project?

Per our network terms of use, any new projects for Priori clients must be opened and billed through the Priori platform.
For existing or repeat clients, you do not need to send a proposal to the client to start the engagement. You can instead open a new project from your account dashboard. This process does not require the client to accept your proposal to hire you for the new engagement.
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How do I start a project?
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What if a client wants to re-hire me for a new project?