Our Onboarding Process

Now that you've applied, our team wants to help you succeed!

I've submitted my application – now what?

Once you've confirmed your email address and submitted the full application, the onboarding and approval journey begins.

1. Application Review

First, a member of our Network team (supported by our technology) will review the information you've provided in your profile and application. The goal of this review is to determine if Priori Marketplace is a good fit for your practice.

Who's most successful on Priori? While we have a wide variety of client requests and our platform can be used by anyone to find counsel, the majority of requests come from corporate clients seeking commercial, corporate, litigation or regulatory counsel with at least 3 years of practice experience. In addition, most clients expect attorneys they engage through the platform to meet or exceed the quality of service and representation that they might expect from major national law firms.

Consequently, not every attorney is suited to the platform. As such our data driven application process helps ensure that those lawyers who will be best suited to Priori's client base are likely to win work are admitted to the Network.

Until we’ve fully reviewed your application, we won’t generally consider matching you with open projects. We typically review applications to join the network within 5-7 business days.

From there, the next steps are:

2. Video Interview

If your practice is aligned with our current client needs, you will receive a request to complete a brief video interview with a member of our Network team.

In addition to giving you a more comprehensive overview of how Marketplace works, this call will give you a chance to ask questions and address gaps in your application, and gives us a chance to learn more about your practice and provide feedback on your profile.

We typically use Zoom to host our video calls. But please feel free to reach out with alternatives if you need to use them - we're not picky.

3. Professional References

If the call goes well, we’ll ask for two professional references — one from a client (broadly defined) whom you’ve recently served, and one from an attorney or legal operations leader with whom you’ve recently worked.

Each reference will receive a brief, confidential email questionnaire via an automated flow from admin@priorilegal.com, asking in general terms about their experiences working with you.

We appreciate that asking for professional references can be a delicate matter, especially in the legal services industry, which is why:

  • Referring parties are not asked for sensitive or confidential details. We only want to know their professional opinion of your work as an attorney / legal servies provider.

  • We do not use references' contact information for unsolicited marketing or other unsolicited contact outside of the reference process.

  • Information we receive via our reference questionnaire is used only for the reference process.

No specific information provided by your references is disclosed to prospective clients without your consent, but information gathered from your references helps confirm to our team that you're ready to succeed on the platform.

Once your video call is scheduled, we recommend that you select & notify your references that we may reach out to them in the near future. This will help expedite the approval of your profile.

4. Additional Profile Details

You can explore your pending Priori Profile and Matching Information to add important details (e.g., industry experience, proficiencies, representative matters) to be considered during the application review period. This information isn’t required to process your application, but additional detail is helpful in expediting the vetting and matching processes.


Once you have completed the vetting process, you will receive an email welcoming you to the Priori Network.

The email will ask you to login to complete your profile and ensure potential clients are able to see your relevant experience easily.

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