Common Pre-Application Questions

Questions we've heard from prospective attorneys and other providers.

Who can join the Priori Marketplace?

Currently, Priori Marketplace connects clients with attorneys, law firms, and other service providers for in-house legal teams, such as paralegals, legal operations professionals, and alternative legal services providers or law companies.

Do I need to be part of a firm or established consultancy in order to join Priori Marketplace?

No, we are open to applications from sole proprietorships and other individuals.

I used to practice as a licensed attorney, but I now work only in a legal operations, contract management, or paralegal capacity. Can I join?

Yes! As of August 2023, Marketplace is officially open to non-attorney law department service providers. Simply select the appropriate category (Paralegal or Legal Operations Professional) when building your profile.

Most of the opportunities listed on the Priori website seem to be for individual providers. Would I have to leave my firm to work with Priori clients?

Typically no. While many of our clients are seeking to build relationships with individuals, they are typically open to engaging attorneys and other providers via their law firms, partnerships, or other legal entities.

The roles listed on our Opportunities page do frequently skew toward individual attorneys, but that is because only roles which require some amount of dedicated part- or full-time availability are listed. Most client requests for ad hoc support or ongoing counsel are unlisted and do not require specific applications.

I am a law student. Can I join?

Not at this time. For now, our clients are primarily focused on engaging service providers – we do not typically have internships or other opportunities suitable to students. We would, however, encourage you to subscribe to our Opportunities Newsletter, so that you can learn more about the kinds of opportunities presented by our clients.

I don't maintain professional liability insurance or "malpractice insurance" . Can I join Priori Marketplace?

Yes. We recognize that there are a wide variety of reasons why an attorney or other provider may not carry insurance. And, while some clients require the attorneys they engage to carry insurance, others do not. Accordingly, carrying insurance is not a prerequisite to joining Priori Marketplace.

That said, we do ask you to accurately report your current coverage status, and to keep the information you provide current. This will help us make sure that we only present you with client opportunities to which you are eligible.

Does Priori Marketplace carry any insurance on behalf of the attorneys or providers in its network?

No. Priori Legal is neither a law firm nor "lawyer referral service" and provides no legal services. No attorney-client relationship is ever created between clients and Priori; all relationships occur directly between clients and the attorneys / providers they discover and engage. As such, we do not carry insurance for any attorneys / providers on Marketplace.

I don't currently carry professional insurance, but I would like to. Where should I go?

At present, Priori is unfortunately unable to assist attorneys in obtaining coverage - we do not have any relationships with particular insurance brokers or carriers. We hope to identify creative solutions in the near future.

What does it cost to use Priori Marketplace, or to connect with clients?

Nothing; Priori Marketplace is completely free-to-use for providers and their firms. The only "cost" you will incur from using Marketplace is the time it takes you to complete an application, optimize your profile, and speak with clients.

There is never any charge to build a profile, apply for an open opportunity, or receive potential client matches. then who pays Priori?

Clients can submit requests and view matched provider profiles for free. Should they choose to engage a provider through the platform, they pay Priori a management fee for our billing support, customer service, and the use of our technology.

You can read more about this on the Billing & Rates page.

Does Priori have attorneys or providers like me in the Marketplace network already?

While we appreciate that you are uniquely "you", we work with a wide variety of attorneys and providers across many practice areas, including lawyers licensed across all 50 U.S. states and over 70 other countries. Depending on your jurisdiction and the scope of your practice, some of your colleagues may have already joined us.

Still, please don't let this deter you from joining our network! Because we only connect clients with the 'best-fit' providers for their specific needs, our platform is designed to help you stand out each time you match with a client.

But how many providers do you have in my town / county / state?

As a matter of policy, we don't disclose raw figures for any particular geographies. Because we only connect clients with the 'best-fit' providers for their specific needs, however, you shouldn't worry about getting 'crowded out' in your particular market - our data-driven matching engine is designed to help highlight your profile to clients with relevant opportunities.

I don't want to submit a profile. Can't you just send the client my résumé, or tell the client to look at my website?

To ensure a positive and consistent user experience and enable data-driven matching, all providers who wish to connect with clients through Priori Marketplace must first submit an application and speak with a member of our Network team. Unfortunately, we're not able to use a résumé, website, or LinkedIn profile.

There are three practical reasons for this:

  1. Clients rely on Priori for data-driven decisions. Our profile format makes sure that the most relevant data-fields are displayed in a clean, consistent, and easy-to-compare manner.

  2. Your profile and account aren't just for the purposes of displaying information - they form the foundation of everything from our matching engine to our billing and invoicing platform.

  3. If a client is interested in your credentials, our platform includes scheduling and conferencing tools which make it easy for you to connect with them for an initial consultation.

I've reviewed the Priori Provider Agreement, and cannot agree to a particular term. Can you modify the agreement so that I can join?

Like all marketplace platforms, we require standardized terms of service for our users to ensure clear and consistent application across all users. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate any modifications to our terms of use. Still, we would encourage you to discuss your concerns with our Network team ( - they are happy to discuss the practical implications of using our platform.

For more answers to frequently-asked questions, check out our full FAQ.

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