I don't have my own firm set up, can I still join the Network?

Yes. Many clients are comfortable working directly with solo practitioners.

Is my information on my profile visible to or searchable by the public?

Priori’s Network is closed and no provider information is searchable by or accessible to the public. Similarly, clients are not able to search the Network for providers. Instead, they must submit a specific request, for which our matching technology will provide them best-fit matches.

What parts of my Profile will clients see?

When you’re matched with a client for a particular project, the client will be able to view all the information on your ‘My Profile’ page and/or your ‘My Firm’ page, depending on the nature of your request and the way in which your firm interacts with the platform. You can preview this by visiting your Profile and clicking the 'View as Client' button in the top right corner.

The ‘Matching Information’ part of your profile is not client facing, but the additional structured data fuels the matching process that connects you with prospective clients.

Will Priori be my employer?

No. Priori does not employ providers for any engagements. In the case that a particular project requires a W-2 structure, Priori partners with a workforce solutions company to provide this service. You can read more about these engagements here.

W-2 Engagements

I like the idea, but I'm not ready to commit. Is there a way for me to do a trial of the platform before deciding to move forward?

Joining the Network does not obligate you to ‘use’ the platform to immediately start engaging with clients. Once you’re signed up, you can mark yourself as Unavailable until you’re ready to start fielding requests.

I am only licensed to practice in one jurisdiction, do you have clients looking for counsel in my area?

Priori works with clients across the US and internationally, and we’re always expanding our reach. Most opportunities are remote, and most clients are comfortable engaging attorneys and other providers across a variety of jurisdictions.

Priori sounds interesting, but I am happy in my current position; I am happy at my current firm.

That’s great to hear! There’s no need for you to leave your firm or an in-house position to become part of the Network. Many lawyers and other providers work with Priori clients through their current firms, and the flexibility of our platform allows many lawyers, paralegals, and legal operations professionals with permanent in-house positions to supplement their ‘day job’ with additional projects for new clients.

I'm getting the Opportunities email, why do I need to submit a profile?

All providers who wish to connect with clients through Priori Marketplace must have a profile within the Network, and have spoken with a member of our Network team. In order to move forward in consideration for an opportunity, your application to a particular role must be connected to a Priori account and Network profile.

If you submit an application to a specific opportunity without a profile, a member of our Network team will reach out to you to ask you to submit that information before we move your application forward.

This will also benefit you, as your Network profile will allow you access to the full scope of clients and projects within Marketplace, not just the selection included in the emails.

I haven't seen anything that matches my interests and/or experience in the Opportunities emails.

The Opportunities emails contain only limited a selection of what is available through Marketplace, and are primarily focused on part- or full-time volume roles. If you are interested in more discrete projects or ongoing, ad hoc engagements, joining the Network will give you full access to these types of projects, which are not circulated in the Opportunities emails.

This doesn't sound like the right fit for me, but how can I refer a friend?

Please reach out to network@priorilegal.com if you know someone we should know! We’re always happy to schedule a quick call to introduce them to the platform before moving forward.

I no longer need this service - how do I delete my account?

If your circumstances have changed and you are no longer interested in new clients or projects, you can update your availability to mark yourself Unavailable for a limited time or indefinitely. This will stop us from reaching out to you about new opportunities until you are ready to return and mark yourself Available once more. This way, you can come and go from the Network as it makes sense for your practice.

If you would like to be removed from the Network, please email network@priorilegal.com and we can delete your account.

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