W-2 Engagements

W-2 Engagements

To comply with workplace regulations or internal policies, some Priori clients require providers to agree to being employed (on a W-2 basis) by a workforce solutions company for the duration of any temporary engagements (typically secondments). Priori has partnered with a workforce solutions company to enable this service.

The process for W-2 engagements is set out below.

Applications and interviews

The process to apply and interview for W-2 opportunities are the same as for the standard engagements on our platform, explained here (Stream 2 of "Getting Work") and here ("Consultations").

Engagement process

If you are selected to move forward with a W-2 engagement, the workforce solutions company will be your employer of record for the duration of the engagement.

The process for you to be onboarded to the workforce solutions company is very straightforward:

  1. If required by the end client, Priori will run a preliminary background check through an external provider. The Priori Network team will advise you if a background check is required for your engagement.

  2. Following completion of the background check, if required, Priori will submit your information as a new worker on the workforce solutions company web portal. The information submitted includes your name, home/work address and the agreed pay rate.

  3. The workforce solutions company prepares your employment contract and sends you an email with a link to sign in to their web portal to take the following steps:

  • Review and e-sign the required employment contracts.

  • Enter your personal information.

  • Enter your banking information for payment purposes.

  • Opt into any additional benefits (e.g. health insurance and ancillary benefits).

The employer of record will also schedule an onboarding call with you to make sure you are comfortable using their web portal and to answer any questions.

Once those employment documents are signed you will be set up as a W-2 employee with the employer of record and will be ready to work with the end client.

For W-2 engagements, providers are not required to submit invoices through the Priori platform, rather time entry and payment are handled through the employer of record. Priori separately invoices the end client for providing the W-2 service.

Throughout the process, the Priori Marketplace Network team will be available to support your onboarding and, where you have questions, connect you with appropriate resources and information.

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