Submitting a Profile and Application

Information on how to apply to join the Priori Marketplace attorney network.
If you are a lawyer interested in joining the Priori Marketplace Network, you can complete an application here and follow the process outlined below.
Please note - the process outlined on this page is for initial applications from lawyers and new law firms only.
If your law firm already has one or more lawyers on Marketplace, we have a separate page on how you can build out the rest of your firm's presence on our platform.
If you are a law/tech company please view the process here.

Getting started

To ensure a positive and consistent user experience, all attorneys who wish to connect with clients through Priori Marketplace must first either:
  1. 1.
    Submit a profile & application and speak with a member of our Network team; or,
  2. 2.
    Be brought on by a member of their firm who has already done so.
These steps are not only for the benefit of our clients (who can trust that they will only speak with attorneys who understand the Marketplace structure). Nor are they just for Priori's benefit.
Rather, the data you provide in your initial application and in your call with our team will directly impact your subsequent success on Marketplace because of our data-driven matching engine and RFP process. And your introduction to our team will help support your long-term success on our platform.
As detailed below, there are three steps you must take to complete your initial application to Marketplace:
  1. 1.
    Submit your basic profile information.
  2. 2.
    Confirm your email address.
  3. 3.
    Complete the application questionnaire.
While these steps are fairly intuitive, we have provided a video demonstration and some additional information below for context.

Video. Priori Attorney Network Application

A visual demonstration of the Priori Marketplace application flow, from profile submission to the application questionnaire.

1. The Basic Profile

Every attorney begins by submitting a basic profile - the 'backbone' of your presence on the Priori Marketplace.
Each question on the basic profile form determines the basic details of how you will be presented to the prospective clients that you match with, from your standard rate to your CV and educational background.
While our matching engine can help us review information contained within your CV, we do not automatically 'parse' uploaded CVs.
A visual example of one (fictional) completed profile, from a client's perspective.
Because your profile may be presented to clients shortly after your application is approved, it is important to treat this initial submission with care. As the saying goes, you only get to make one first impression.
(But, of course, you don't have to do it alone. We also maintain resource pages if you would like additional information on how to craft your profile, or have questions before proceeding.)

2. Email Confirmation

Once you've submitted your basic profile, the next step is simple: you'll be asked to confirm your email address before proceeding. This will allow you to establish your Priori account, and save your relevant information.
Why do we emphasize this step? Because from potential opportunities to client messages, important system notifications you won't want to miss will be sent directly to your inbox.
Now is also a good time to whitelist certain email addresses which our system will use to send you automatic notifications about your profile and client opportunities:
If you have already used Priori Marketplace as a client, you will need to use a separate email when registering your lawyer-side account.

3. The Application Questionnaire

Once you've confirmed your email address and account details, you will be taken to our application questionnaire. Many of the fields in the application will be pre-populated by information you've provided in your basic profile; others will be left blank.
A preview of the Priori attorney application.
The application has approximately 15 questions. Several cover basic information about your practice and professional history; others give you the chance to tell us more about your preferences and ideal clients.
Collectively, we refer to your answers as your Profile Data and Matching Information.
Both Profile Data and Matching Information determine not only how your profile will be presented to clients, but why: they are the 'fuel' upon which our data-driven matching engine runs.
While we appreciate that nobody enjoys filling out paperwork, it's important to consider why we ask you for this kind of information:
Infographic displaying a four-piece jigsaw puzzle. Each piece is a different shade of purple, and labeled as 'Speed,' 'Insight,' 'Variety,' and 'Accuracy' - the four values of Priori's data-driven matching process.
Four reasons why giving us good data in your application will help you succeed on Priori Marketplace.
As such, we recommend that you approach the application with some care. You can always update the information you provide at a later date, but being thorough from the outset will help to expedite our review – and, fingers crossed, approval – of your presence on Marketplace.