If you are a lawyer or law firm interested in joining the Priori network, you can complete an application here and follow the process outlined below.
If you are a law/tech company please view the separate process here. The process outlined on this page is for lawyers and law firms only.

Video. Priori Attorney Network Application

What happens once I submit an application?

We typically review applications within 2-3 weeks.
In the meantime, if you didn’t fill out all of the details in the application, you can access your Priori profile at any time to provide additional information. It’s not required but helps us review your application more quickly.
From there, the next steps are:

Application Review

Once we have reviewed your application, we’ll let you know by email if we’re moving forward to schedule an interview or if your application is on hold for the moment. Until we’ve fully reviewed your application, we won’t generally consider matching you with open projects.

Prepare References

As part of the application process, attorneys must provide two professional references: one from a recent client and one from a recent attorney colleague. References are taken by email, so selecting and notifying these references in advance helps speed up our review of your application.

Additional Profile Details

You can explore your pending Priori Profile and Matching Information to add important details (e.g., industry experience, proficiencies, representative matters) to be considered during the application review period. This information isn’t required to process your application, but additional detail is helpful in expediting the vetting and matching processes.


Once you have completed the vetting process, you will receive an email welcoming you to the Priori network.
The email will ask you to login to complete your profile and ensure potential clients are able to see your relevant experience easily.